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Our Objectives

The broad objective of the Centre is to run skill acquisition programmes, student work-study programmes and entrepreneurial programmes. With these in view therefore, the specific objectives of the Centre are:


(i)                 to provide the platform where students/staff/retirees could acquire functional skills that could guarantee self-reliance.


(ii)               to put in place an environment that could enhance the productivity of the


artisan/craftsmen/technicians labour force


      (iii)      to put in place trade and vocational skills acquisition training programmes.


(iii)             to provide room for technical and non-technical skill acquisition for those resident in and around the Polytechnic,


(iv)             to equip the students with relevant skills and knowledge needed to make them successful entrepreneurs and thus job creators and employers of labour.


At present CEDVS has been making use of available facilities within the campus to train students in eleven skills/trades identified above. However, due to increasing number of students admitted yearly, there is therefore the need to expand some of the skill/trade.


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